Thursday, December 22, 2011

Another Year Wiser ?

As another year draws to a close, some personal reflections in verse form to give you something to smile, contemplate upon, or frown about. Enjoy!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

                             *  *  *  *  *

Alas, another year full o’ “treasures” we’ve ammased
(For some, a dreadful struggle… for some, a real blast…
For some, a happy “welcome”… and some, an ending “last”…)
. . .
Some liberties we took, or risks perhaps we passed;
“– Au contraire, mon cher” (some would frown, aghast).
And often times, without an aim we’d drift, as just
In stormy seas, a vessel with a broken mast,
Compassless and stranded in the infinite vast,
Not fretting that each moment could be our very last.
But still, we forge ahead, unweavering, steadfast,
Yet, in the minds’ dark shadows, where doubts are often cast,
There’s always something there to remind us of…
“The Past.”

A past that’s far, a past that’s close, or one somewhere…… halfway
Why do we really drag its burden, anyway?
Why do we let it change the black or white to gray?
. . .
It’s done.  Forget it; and move on. (forgive me the cliché)
“– Can run from it, or learn [from it],” Rafiki used to say
‘Cause in the end it’s nottin’ but an odd dream gone astray.
Yes… dwelling on that past, will always make one pay;
Would cause the soul to wither, the spirit to decay…
Then why, my dear friend, why not push that away?
For all we have to guide us, and blindly to obey
Is but a simple rule: let “light” show you the way!
So live a little “louder” this fragile little miracle we simply call…

Today it’s time to turn the page and tell the past: adieu
Plenty a chance you’ve had – I hope – its lessons to review,
And some of it (if you’re like most) wish that you can redo…
. . .
For life – they say – would be much simpler, the future if we knew;
If crystal balls would grant us that ‘travel-in-time’ view.
Yet “life” and “simple” go togheter like fire and ice do!
And “good” and “bad” will always hit you, straight out of the blue!
Stop searching for tomorrow, aimless and without clue.
“– But that’s what makes it worth it”, would claim a voice or two.
To them, I say: “– Live every moment… (knowing there are few)
As it’s the only memory you’ll one day take with you!”
So dive in the deep end, eyes closed, and thoroughly embrace
“The New”

Never forget this Past year, try to learn from it,
Cherish the birth of Christ, Today… let your soul uplift,
And make the brand New year knocking at the door, a trully happy gift!