Thursday, July 8, 2010

World Cup 2010 - Semifinals

Hung over or not, a semifinal update was due. Not a great game last night, but when the drinks are flowing and you're enjoying the game outdoors with family and friends, all that matters is that Spain won! And the goalscorer was 'Captain Fantastic' [Puyol]. Did you see him "stripping" for queen Sofia?:

Spain was definitely better and deserved to win. No doubt about it. Too bad Villa did not get another one! But on the plus side, I'm glad Del Bosque finally realized that Torres is not 'on his game' and left him on the bench. Not that Pedro fared much better [and was overly-individualistic, in my opinion] but he did better than Fernando in previous games. all watched the game, I'm sure...Germany was nowhere near the 'form' they showed against Argentina and England...truth is, Spain were that much better! It's really had to play when you don't get the ball!

The Dutch duly disposed of Uruguay in the other semifinal. Great goal from Van Bronckhorst, maybe best of the tournament! Noting much to be said there... Second goal could have been an offside, but did not see enough replays... Still, Holland were better and Uruguay should be happy with the chance to go for third place (although I'm pretty sure that's already reserved for Germany).

I wish I can spend more time on this, but have to get ready for a short trip to Turkey. Going to Istanbul in the morning. That means I'll be watching this World Cup in 3 different countries!

Spain and Holland should be a great final. Unique, too. But I'm sure everyone agrees that the best teams in the tournament are fighting for the ultimate prize. The Dutch are unbeaten in something like 25 games, but I [impartially ;-)] think Spain is the stronger team. May the best one win and hope to see a great game in some pub down in Sultanhamet!

¡Visca España!

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