Monday, December 20, 2010

2010? - Did... have... will... you?

Keeping with tradition from last year, here's a personal composition that I hope will strike a chord with most of you. Enjoy it, and enjoy the holidays!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Was this year good (for you)?
Was this year bad?
Or was it indifferent?
How much “luck” you’ve had?

Was it “luck” you worked for?
Was it easy-snap?
Was it blood and tears?
Or fell into your lap?

Either way, don’t matter…
It all is in the past.
And although contentious,
Nothing seems to last!

Nothing worth a dime,
I’d say, anyway
So hold your head up high,
Keep enemies at bay,

Let your spirit soar,
“Dirt” wash off your back,
And don’t let your heart
Drape itself in black.

And on this year-end, my friend,
Answer yes or no
To my little questionnaire…
Let’s give it a go:

Did you touch a heart
In more ways than one?
Did you show them love
Before they were gone?

Did you make new friends?
Reached out to old ones?
Did you kiss your daughters?
Did you hug your sons?

Did you let your parents
Know how much you love them?
And for their “mistakes”
Absolve them and thank them?

(For you are today,
Believe it or not
Something they have planned for
Plus something they’ve not.)

Have you prayed to God?
Or your angel friends?
Have you asked forgiveness?
Have you made amends?

Did you help someone
When in dire need?
Did you lend a shoulder?
Or… let their hearts bleed?

Did you keep a promise?
Did you tell a lie?
Did you let bad rumors?
Happily fly by?

Did you drop your guard
For everyone to view?
The beautiful person
That lives inside of you?

Did you tell ‘em “YES”?
Did you tell’ em “NO”?
Did you fight them back
Before you did so?

Did you get upset
Over little things?
Did you rise above them,
Flapping up your wings?

Have you witnessed joy,
For more than a second?
Have you “opened up”
When the hour beckoned?

Have you taught a child?
Have you learned from them?
For in every person,
Hidden lays a gem!

Agony and troubles
Did you overcome?
A slightly better person
You think you’ve become?

Or was it more than slight?
Much better then, instead?
Have you praised the living?
Paid homage to the dead?

If among these questions,
Some are unanswered still,
Hoping you’ll make time…
Hoping that you will…

Will you?

     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

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  1. my answer is yes, yes, yes, yes yes yes yes................they are all yes, guessed...............Dr Seuss ......I was good........I think ........and I love you.......