Wednesday, January 15, 2014

La Steaua (To the Star) - M. Eminescu

I haven't done one of these in a while... but need to pay homage to "the man" on the anniversary of his birthday!

             La Steaua                        To the Star

  La steaua care-a rasarit
  E-o cale-atât de lunga,
  Ca mii de ani i-au trebuit
  Luminii sa ne-ajunga.

  Poate de mult s-a stins în drum
  În departari albastre,
  Iar raza ei abia acum
  Luci vederii noastre.

  Icoana stelei ce-a murit
  Încet pe cer se suie;
  Era pe când nu s-a zarit,
  Azi o vedem, si nu e.

  Tot astfel când al nostru dor
  Pieri în noapte-adânca,
  Lumina stinsului amor
  Ne urmareste înca.

  Up to the star that’s rising high
  The journey is so long,
  Years in thousands would go by
  Its light to catch along.

  Whithered on its way perhaps
  Far in the distant blue,
  Its ray just now timidly pops
  Shining into our view.

  The icon of the star that died
  Slow to the sky had risen;
  It lived when to our eyes was hide,
  Today we see it, and it isn’t.

  Just as our longing thereof
  The deep dark night would kill,
  The withered light of faded love
  Is following us still.